Saint Vitus Catholic Church

607 Fourth Street
San Fernando, CA
(323) 454-1002

Masses said by priests of the Fraternity of Saint Peter: LOW MASS: Every Sunday - 7:30 AM with English Sermon HIGH MASS (with Asperges): Every Sunday - 9:00 AM with English Sermon HIGH MASS: Every Sunday - 11:00 AM with English Sermon LOW MASS: Every Sunday - 5:00 PM with English and Spanish Sermon LOW MASS: Mon, Wed, Thu @ 6:15 AM LOW MASS: Mon, Wed, Fri @ 12:00 PM LOW MASS: Tue and Fri @ 7:00 PM LOW MASS: Saturday @ 9:30 AM CONFESSIONS: Are heard at least 30 minutes before all Masses VESPERS: Every Sunday @ 4:00 PM   You may also look at FSSP Website at
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4 thoughts on “Saint Vitus Catholic Church

  1. I wonder if there is either adult religious education, or parish fellowship for traditional Catholics. Because the St. Mary Magdelene Chapel in Camarillo is merely a location for the Tridentine Mass, are there any thoughts about fellowship/educational opportunities for traditional Catholics in the Archdiocese?

  2. Dear Father Fryar,
    Hope things are going well. I continue to think of you often and will always be grateful for your efforts in establishing Christ the King (Sarasota). Soon, it will be 10 years since it all begin. I continue to treasure the Latin Mass more than ever. I am now regulated to serving the Low Mass but the warranty on my knees is still holding out and am very thankful for that. You once gave me the ultimate compliment of saying that I was a “world-class” altar server. I don’t know if that’s still the case but I will be 79 years young in April. Please pray for me. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

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