Dominguez Seminary

Rancho Dominguez Seminary
18127 South Alameda Street
Dominguez Hills, CA 90220
(323) 636-6030

HIGH MASS: Every first Sunday – 10:00 AM
CONFESSIONS: 30 minutes before Mass

General Information:

In 1924, the Claritians began to use this land as a graduate school and later as a seminary. Today, the land serves as a retirement home to several members of the Claritian Order. Today, this land serves as a historical landmark recognized by the County of Los Angeles, and the state of California.

Topics and Events:

We encourage members who attend Rancho Dominguez to register with Latin Mass of Los Angeles, and to post and share events for others who may be interested. Feel free to REGISTER or LOG IN to post Mass times, announcements, news, and events within the area. For IT issues or help in registers, you may also send an email to

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One thought on “Dominguez Seminary

  1. You realize of course, that there has been no Latin Mass at the Seminary since October 1 because of "renovation." The latest word is that the chapel should be open again by Easter (knock on wood, it was supposed to be opened by Christmas too)

    BTW, my birthday day is June 8. Thanking you for the "Extraordinary" gift in advance.


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