Servus Sevorum Dei

We are proud to announce our new forum is now up and running. Servus Sevorum Dei (borrowed from the one of the titles of the pope) will be a network that people can join to hear about the latest announcements in and around the Latin Mass Communities of the Los Angeles area. People will also be able to post Mass Times and events, as well as ask questions and give suggestions to help with the board.

Servus Sevorum Dei will have all the information that would normally be published on facebook, so you will not have to go onto public media in order to find the Mass times. This will keep everything securely  “in house”, and it will be safe for the whole family. You will be able to make comments or corrections as neccessary to provide accurate information.

We ask that you help keep this forum clean, feel free to make suggestions, and of course we are always in need of help. To register, please fill out this form to get started.

Registration Link:

Forum Link:





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