Acolyte classes beginning in January

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Good Morning Everyone, and Happy New Year.


Our Altar Serving Classes will begin very soon and in attempts to get the most people possible, I will be offering these classes in three different locations.


  • Class 1: Will be at Saint Victor’s, and will be monthly, Starting Saturday 9th of January and will continue every second Saturday of the month after the 9 AM Mass.
  • Class 2: Will be at San Felipe Chapel, and will be monthly. Starting on the 17th of January and will continue every second Saturday of the month after the 11 AM Mass.
  • Class 3: Will be offered online and will begin on the 16th of January.


You would only need to attend one class. In addition to serving the Mass, I will also be focusing on some of the works of Msgr. Guido Marini and others. We will also be having discussions on some of the Masters of Liturgy, such as Fr. Adrian Fortescue, among others. From time to time, I may also bring in guest speakers either in person or online.


Requirements for classes:

  1. Must be a Catholic man or young man at least 7 years of age and be able to demonstrate a mature level capable of serving.
  2. Must be in good standing with the church.
  3. Must have received First Communion.



Or send me an email to


St. Victor Catholic Church:
Altar Serving Class:
2nd Saturday of the Month after the 9 AM Mass
8634 Holloway Dr West
Hollywood, CA 90069


San Felipe Chapel:
Altar Serving Class:
3rd Sunday of the Month after the 11 AM Mass
738 N Geraghty Ave
Los Angeles 90063

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