Statement in regards to the Latin Mass Society of the United States and Canada

This has been something very difficult for me to write as for months now, as Fr. Fryar of the FSSP and myself had been attempting to work with Anthony Perleas (Also calls himself Anthony Tridentine) for several months in regards to many events and the so called “Latin Mass Society of North America and Canada (LMS)” I have included a picture of Fr. Fryars official response with a link. See Below.

I have known Anthony since before Christmas, and he had contacted me to request serving with my Acolytes. He was really enthusiastic and loved serving on the Altar. During that time, had had served about 50 Masses with the priests here in Los Angeles. During his stay here, he had taken pictures and videos of us either at one of our teaching moments (also know as workshops), or during or after Mass. Latin Mass of Los Angeles had placed on permanent loan the cassock which he uses on condition that he would use it correctly. However since he has moved to the Archdiocese of Detroit in late March, the situation in regards to him and his various sites have deteriorated to the point of becoming questionable, weird, and to a point even sinful. I do not want to go into much detail as Fr. Fryar has already mentioned most of it in his letter below.

As his former MC and since for a time, he had been under my organization of Altar Servers, and since for a while, I had some responsibility and accountability over him, I felt it my duty to assist Fr. Fryar in any way I can. In fact everyone I knew that knew Anthony has tried to reach him one point or another, and he has ignored them, or if social media, has blocked them from reaching to him. We had been in dialogue for months, but without a firm answer, he has continuously postponed and delayed our conversations, with the excuse he needs to talk to his Spiritual Advisor. He has unfortunately not listened to the advice we have given him to a point now he now ignores us, and he continues to run these sites. They have come to a point now where they do not represent the Latin Mass, but rather his own obsessions. He has misused the cassock we have entrusted to him both physically and spiritually, and as a result of this disgrace, I am sad to announce his cassock is due back.

Unfortunately, at this time I cannot welcome him back to our circle of servers at this time until he closes all his sites, makes a public retraction of his statements that are considered heretical, and hands over LMS to someone either with a proper theological background (IE. a priest) or someone under the guidance of a priest.  Furthermore, to prevent scandal, I, both representing myself and the organizations I am entrusted with, must disassociate myself in an way from him, his LMS, and the sites he runs.

There is much turmoil in many of the Traditional Sites right now, and my recommendation is to stay out of it as much as you possible can. Here are some other suggestions that you all can take.

  • First, it is a good idea to disassociate¬†ourselves with him. It seems that with all the recent attention he has been receiving these past few months, things have been spiralling much worse. Please dislike and disconnect from his pages or websites.
  • Father Fryar in his letter, strongly encouraged parents to forbid their children to friend him on Facebook or follow him on other social media.
  • We encourage young ladies not to be involved with him or agree to be his “models”
  • PRAY FOR HIM: Pray for him and the salvation of his soul, perhaps even offer up a few Masses. We should all do this.

Finally, I must say that Anthony has been like a brother to the other servers and very inspiration to FSSP-LA. I would like to close this statement, reminding of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, and make clear to Anthony that as grim as that situation appears, all as yet can still be forgiven, and as of now, we would be willing to welcome him once again with open arms. Please pray for him.

Yours in Christ,

Latin Mass of Los Angeles,


Charles Coulombe

Letter from Father Fryar.pdf


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