Workshops for September/ October 2015

stlouis_pontifical-mass%255B1%255D[1] Please spread this to all in the Los Angeles Area that may be
interested in Learning how to serve or how to chant.
Would you like to learn how to serve the Mass according to the
Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, also known as the Tridetine Mass! Maybe
you know how to serve, but would like to challenge yourself. Would you like to
learn Gregorian Ch

ant! Perhaps you are in a choir and would like to learn more
about Gregorian Chant. We will be sponsoring two workshops for the months of
September and October.

Altar Serving Workshop Only!
Labor Day, Monday, September 7th, 2015 @ 9:30 AM (All Day
St Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church
339 N Sycamore Ave
Rialto, CA 92376
Altar Serving Workshop!
Chant and Choir Workshop!
Columbus Day, October 12th, 2015 @ 9:30 AM (All Day Event)
St. Anthony Catholic Church
720 E Grand Ave
El Segundo, CA 90245
Each day will start at 9:30 AM, and conclude with a Mass at 5:30 PM.
After the Mass will be a BBQ for all participants. There is no cost to these
workshops, however a $10 donation is suggested to cover costs, materials, etc.

  • Be at least 7 years of age and have received Holy Communion
  • Must demonstrate a maturity in learning how to serve or sing
  • Be a Catholic in Good Standing
In addition, Servers must bring their own cassock and surplice. If you do not have one, see if you can borrow one. If you cannot borrow one, please contact Charles Coulombe at


To Register for the Classes, please select this link to register:
You may also register or send questions to Charles Coulombe at
To send donations, please select this link to donate:
You may also send donations to:
Charles Coulombe
PO Box 921463
Sylmar, CA 91392-1463
If you wish to have a Workshop in your church, please contact us at
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Fundraising program for New FSSP Parish in Los Angeles

PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE!!!!! As many of you probably know, much activity has been going on in Los Angeles, and one of the biggest projects is supporting the FSSP-LA in establishing a new parish in the heart of Los Angeles.

A generous benefactor has given a matching pledge of $60,000 – if we can pledge this amount by October 7th, then the benefactor will match it.

We only until October 7th to raise these funds. If you are able to help, feel free to contact us directly, or by making a pledge on the FSSP-LA Website:

In the memo line, please place “Matching Funds for FSSP-LA”

You may also write a check made payable to FSSP-LA, and in the memo line, please specify “Matching Funds for FSSP-LA”.

A special limited edition of St. Vibiana, the patroness of Los Angeles, will be given to those who donate more than $1000.00.

Checks may be written out directly to the FSSP:
645 9th St., Unite 110-419
Los Angeles, CA 90015


Facebook users: Please also considering joining this event and sharing it with other Facebook users. 

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