Funds needed for Latin Mass

Hello Everyone,
Greetings as we approach Advent and the new Church Year. This can be one of my most difficult items to ask for. Many of our existing churches have inadequate Vestments, Missals, and Altar Cards. To put it in plain words, some of our Communities are in need of money. To buy or repairs some of these items, we will need to raise about $3000. Here are some of the immediate projects that we need to do to enhance to communities. As time goes by, we will probably have more.
  • Repair and enhance the torches at Saint Bridget’s in Van Nuys
  • Repair and enhance the torches at Dominguez Seminary in Dominguez Hills.
  • A Roman Missal, missal stand, and Altar Cards for Saint Anthony’s (The old one is falling apart.)
  • Traditional Vestments for Saint Anthony’s and Saint Bridget’s
  • Cassocks and Surplices for Altar Servers on a tight budget, some drive to two parishes on Sundays.
  • Various items, such as candles, candlesticks, etc., that would make the altars look more traditional.
  • A flat gold paten to match a chalice we are using at some of our masses in the South bay area.
As much as we need this money, we respectfully request that any money you donate does not affect the money you would otherwise donate to the FSSP for the Traditional Parish in central Los Angeles, a separate and distinct fund. Whiles these funds are very similar, this one will be used for the other parishes in Los Angeles.
Please consider donating. I have a PayPal link for those who like to donate electronically.
You can also mail donations to the following address:
Latin Mass of Los Angeles.
ATTN: Charles Coulombe
P.O. Box 921463
Sylmar, CA 91392-1463
Thank you very much in advanced. Any extra funds will go in direct support of the Tridentine Mass.
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Altar Serving Workshop – Saint Victor’s Catholic Church

Please feel free to share this with other young men who may be interested in learning how to serve on the Altar.

As many of you know, at the end of the month, November 30th, 2014, Fr. Fryar will begin a weekly Mass over at Saint Victor’s Catholic Church in West Hollywood @ 7PM. To prepare for this, we will be sponsoring an Altar Serving Workshop. I will be slightly changing my curriculum to go with the FSSP standards and will be explaining and implementing some of the changes at the workshop. Therefore, I would also recommend all existing servers and trainers to attend.

Date: Saturday, November 29th, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM, all day event
Place: Saint Victor’s Catholic Church
8634 Holloway Dr,

West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 652-6477

A BBQ will be following the day’s event.

Suggested Donation: $10.00 (For Materials and BBQ.)

For students, please register using the following link:

For instructors, please contact me personally. or call/text 818-794-9461

Also we will need some volunteers to help with the BBQ. Please also email me regarding this matter.

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FSSP-LA: Sunday Mass & Potluck at Saint Victors

As many of you know, we are also very blessed to have Father Fryar of the Fraternity of Saint Peter here in Los Angeles. Starting the First Sunday of Advent, November 30th, 2014 @ 7PM, Father Fryar will begin saying a weekly High Mass at Saint Victors. Everyone is encouraged to attend and requested to bring both family and friends. The choir has been diligently practicing. If you are interested in joining one of the choirs, please click here for more information. We will need Altar Servers, and Ushers. In addition, we plan on having a Potluck Dinner after the Mass, and ask everyone to participate. For more information and to coordinate potluck, please contact Charles Coulombe and 818-794-9461 or email at
St. Victor Catholic Church is located at: 
(310) 652-6477
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